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Totally Bound puts Cheyenne Meadows in the Author Spotlight about her new release, Summer’s Night, book three in the Wind Warriors series.


What can we expect from Summer’s Nightsummersnight_800

Summer’s Night will give readers a good look into Night’s personal life. He’s the creator and leader of the Wind Warriors. He’s also Native American, half Navajo and half Lakota. He’s a modern day warrior who will stop at nothing to protect the ones he cares for. There’s romance, adventure, excitement, and some sweet moments along the way for him as he falls for Summer, his mother’s physical therapist. Danger surrounds them both and he steps up to the plate like the hero he is. You’ll see how a man comfortable with the violence in his world can also be a caring, gentle man with the woman he loves.


Where did the idea for the Wind Warriors series come from? 

The idea started with the first book, Tiger’s Lily. Dillon, one of the Wind Warriors is shot and his brother takes him to the small doctor’s office Lily works out for medical help. I started thinking about the hows and whys at that time. Keeping the story real was important to me, so I did a lot of thinking about how former military men would be able to sneak around undetected and what job they would be doing in the process. I started doing research, read quite a bit about retired former special ops members discharging from the military in order to accept private security duty jobs all over the world. From there, I considered the secret nature of the US government and the Wind Warriors were born. They are like the wind, invisible, deadly, and efficient.


As Night is the leader of the Wind Warriors, just by talking to Summer he could be endangering her. How do you balance danger and love in a story like this? 

All the Wind Warriors are very cognizant of the danger that surrounds them and are extremely careful and observant when it comes to their families. Since the Wind Warriors specialize in wiping out powerful drug kingpins and gun runners, there’s always a chance that far reaching enemies will be able to track them down and harm their loved ones.

Balancing the danger with the romance came fairly naturally as one directly affects the other. Night resisted his mother’s matchmaking efforts and Summer wasn’t sure about dating the son of a physical therapy client. Their relationship moves along very slowly, so when Summer’s kidnapped, Night not only goes into warrior mode, he realizes his feelings and prays he will be given a second chance at expressing them with Summer. Summer is brave and smart. She sees the violence within Night and understands the necessity of his career. After all, someone has to take out the bad guys in order to protect them all. She also sees the sweetness and man Night truly is under his tough hide. She can’t help but accept and love him as a whole package.


CheyenneMeadows_Summer'sNight_BlogTour_SocialMedia_finalDoes a lot of research go into creating action and adventure stories with ex-military characters? 

Oh, yes. I’ve done more research for the Wind Warriors series than I’ve done on any other books I’ve written. Since I have no personal military experience, nor does my family, I had to start from scratch. Everything from looking up what type of weapons they would use, to military lingo, to computer technology and more. Since almost every special ops unit has a representative in the Wind Warriors, I had to learn about their training, specialties, even their rankings. Add in Night’s order for them to speak in Navajo for the missions and I’ve been spending hours online and even had to check out a couple of library books in order to get the Navajo words correct in Summer’s Night. I want to keep everything as realistic as possible, so research is all part of the job. I hope that all the work pays off and someone with a military background can read the stories and feel right at home with each one.


You have varied pairings and genres in your backlist. Which is your favourite to write? 

That’s a hard question. I enjoy them all, actually. If I have to choose one, I’d say my romantic comedies are my favorite to write, especially as that genre is the one which landed me as a published author in the first place. I love to make people laugh and coming up with zany couples and oddball happenings is quite fun and entertaining for me, as well.

The more serious tones of the Wind Warriors was a definite challenge. I don’t consider myself adept at action/adventure especially when it comes to military logistics and dynamics. So out of my league. But, I was determined to make it happen for these great characters and worked very hard to do so. I’m very proud of my Wind Warriors series for many reasons, but definitely because it was out of the box and hard to write. Add in the research and I spent more time on these books than any other.

I can’t forget my M/M shapeshifters. Such as my recent release, Triad. Those are right up near the top of the favorites list. I love the wide open possibilities allowed by writing shifter stories as well as the genetic links to their wild cousins. It gives me so much leeway. Not to mention, M/M shifters have HOT sex. I don’t know why, but when it comes to these sexy men, I get them in bed. Often.

I write what comes to me, which happens to be quite a wide variety of genres. I’m never bored and there’s always a work in progress or three waiting for additional chapters. I know many authors stick with one genre solely, but I’ve found that branching out has many benefits and really helps keep me motivated to write.


Is it important to you as a writer to give your characters a HEA? 

Very much so. I’m a sucker for a happily ever after. The most disappointing books I’ve read is where the ending is tragic. That’s always left a bad taste in my mouth and tears in my eyes. Sure, the real world is full of tragedy, but I try to give readers a chance to get away from that, enter a fantasy world, and be able to see the pieces fall into place at the end. After all, the characters deserve happiness after everything they’ve been through!


What can we expect from you next with Totally Bound? CheyenneMeadows_Summer'sNight_BlogTour_BlogDates_final

Next up to be released is Turbulent Rain, a M/F/M wolf shifter threesome erotic romance. It’s all about one woman backed into a corner, murder, mystery, powerful pack leaders on the verge of declaring all out war, and a mated M/M pairing trying to adjust to adding a female to their relationship. Jet fell for Rain years ago, but she was too young to claim. Now, he’s happily mated to Garrett and Garrett resents the sudden invasion of Rain into his personal life with Jet. Anger is a given, sparks fly, fights break out, and a beta blossoms into an alpha. Hot, fast-paced, and full of action. See the excerpt here.


Thanks again for having me! I’ve enjoyed answering your insightful questions and can’t wait for next time!




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