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Totally Bound puts Aliyah Burke in the Author Spotlight.

Here is an exclusive interview about her new release, Highlands at Dawn, book two in the Astral Guardians series.



What can readers expect from Highlands at Dawn?

I hope an adventure. As always, that’s what I try to take my readers on. We find out more about the second Guardian who finds his mate and what it takes to get her on board with the craziness he’s explaining to her. There’s laughter and sorrow in this tale.


This newest release features a multicultural relationship. Do you enjoy writing about multicultural couples?

I do. The world we live in has so many more than just one type of person out there. To be able to show that they have romance and are allowed their HEA just like others is important to me. 



You have created the paranormal element in this story from scratch without borrowing from myths and legends. Do you enjoy character-building and creating your own magic in these stories?

I wouldn’t say without borrowing from myths and legends but the elements are definitely more my own than a spinoff. I do enjoy it, creating something such as this allows my brain to just fly free, so to speak. Which, as many know can be a scary aspect. 🙂


You have chosen to base this latest release in Scotland, was there any particular reason for that?HighlandsAtDawn_AliyahBurke_BlogTour_600x315_final

When Mal came to me for the story, she told me that’s where she lived and worked. I didn’t argue too hard, since I love putting stories all over the globe, it’s another way to increase the adventure…or so I believe.


You have many different genres in your back-list. What’s your favourite?

I’m a romantic suspense girl. I love having some sort of mystery or threat underlying the current of the story regardless of the time it takes place or whether or not it’s a paranormal. So while I enjoy the straight contemporaries and paranormals (also love my historicals) I would have to pick romantic suspense if you were to put my feet to the fire.




What can we expect from you next with Totally Bound?

Next. Of course the Astral Guardian series is being finished up. Then, from there, I am heading into romantic suspense. *grin* I have a new series coming up that I will be submitting to TB that is a spinoff of the In Aeternum series. So, if you recall Ethan, Anabelle Lee, and Beauregard they are getting their stories.

Thanks for having me here today!

~Aliyah Burke




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