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Totally Bound puts Bailey Bradford in the author spotlight this week about her new release, Off Course,  book one in the Coyotes’ Call series.


Off Course is the first book in your new shifters series, Coyote’s Call. What can we expect from this first instalment? 

Humor, action, adventure, and really hot sex. Gideon Wells is a bear shifter who has been exiled from his clan. He’s given a car and his bag of belongings, and warned that he’ll be killed if he doesn’t leave the area. So he starts driving, heart broken and scared, and what begins as the worst thing to ever happen to him soon becomes the greatest adventure in his life.

And Miller Hudson doesn’t know what hits him, which is great, because that man needed some shaking up.




You have written other shifter series in the past, what makes this one different? 

This one deal with shifters as a whole facing trials and changes they can’t comprehend. Take Miller Hudson and the other coyote shifters. Are they really shifters since they can’t shift? That ability, along with the enhanced senses, vanished from their kind generations ago. Nothing is easy for them, and there’s a longing to shift and run, to hunt and live as the half of themselves that’s missing. It leaves the coyote’s feeling incomplete and yearning for something they may never have. That would be a hard way to live.



Off Course features a bear shifter and a coyote shifter. Do you enjoy characterising them in relation to their animal counterparts? 

Yes, I do. It seems to me that those animal characteristics would carry over into the human form. Some of them, at least. It’s fun to play with them and see what develops as I write. The stories are as much an adventure for me as they are the characters, and I’m blessed to be able to do something I love so much.


You have many different genres in your backlist, what’s your favourite? 

Well, that depends on the day and the mood. I will say that Laine and Sev from When the Dead Speak, book two in the Southern Spirits series, are probably my all-time favorite guys. They just gripped me as I wrote about them. But, I love all of the series, and characters. Some stick in my head more than others, and that’s fun, too.


You touch on homophobia in this book. Is this an issue which you think is important to tackle when writing MM romance? BaileyBradford_OffCourse_BlogTour_BlogDates_final

Yes, sometimes, because it can be a major part of someone’s experience in their life. Having been raised in an evangelical church, I saw so much bigotry, I can’t even get into it. I won’t go into great detail, but will share this. My youngest daughter is gay, and she has faced some rough shit because of it. Losing friends, being made fun of, and fearing there were people in our family who would disown her if they knew. Everyone in our immediate family supports her and always will, but there are extended family members we’ve cut off because I won’t have anyone hurting her if I can help it. She’s homeschooled because she felt ostracized and uncomfortable around her peers. That was due to many things. I am glad she knows she’s safe with us and we will always, always have her back.

Back on point, I do have a couple of friends who said they’ve never experienced homophobia, and that is wonderful. I hope the world will someday be such an accepting place. But I also have friends who’ve shared stories that would make your heart ache for them. Those aren’t my stories to tell, but I do think homophobia is still rampant in many areas and so incorporate it in some of the books I write.


What can we expect from you next with Totally Bound? 

I have another shifter series starting soon, Valen’s Pack, that takes place in post-apocalyptic times. The focus isn’t on that so much as it is on the separation between shifters and humans. There’ll also be a single title out soon. Belt Buckles and Cowboy Boots, as well as more books in the Spotless, Southwestern Shifters, Mossy Glenn, and Love in Xxchange series. I’m probably missing something but suffice it to say, I’ll be very busy writing for the next sixteen months!


Find out what else Bailey has to say about this new release by following her blog tour!

Like the sound of Off Course? Buy it here: https://www.totallybound.com/off-course