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Totally Bound speaks exclusively to Belinda Burke about her new release, Undone, linked to her bestselling Eight Kingdoms series.


What can we expect from Undone?

Undone is an exploration of love and lust, erotic romance that focuses on the why. What causes two people to fall together, or fall apart? How do you tell the difference between love and the desire for love? Neither Tighe nor Faelan is sure, but they’re certainly trying! Undone also offers a peek at what happens to those who don’t quite fit in among the sidhe – those who have human desires, despite (or sometimes because of) their inhuman natures.


BelindaBurke_Undone_BlogTour_SocialMedia_403_finalWhat’s your favourite thing about writing fantasy stories?

Exploring themes! I love to write about love – about its nature, where it comes from, where it takes us, and in fantasy there are no limits to how I can play around with those ideas. The influence of magic on love, or the natures of different beings, or an immortal life, are all fun to explore – and additionally allow me to make a statement or open a discussion about love in the real world.


Tighe is a prince of a fairytale land, did you enjoy writing about and subverting a traditional story?

Oh, definitely. The whole world of the Eight Kingdoms is a subversion of the traditional interpretation of sidhe and Arthurian mythology. Tighe especially is a lot of fun this way. He’s half mortal, even though he’s the son of Summer’s Queen, and that makes him far more cynical than the usual sidhe. His blend of cynicism and hopefulness – the way he wants love but is too jaded to really expect it – made him the perfect choice to play around with the idea of love, and the influence of magic on love…and happy endings.


These stories are linked to your Eight Kingdoms series. Why did you choose to branch off in this standalone?

That implies I had a choice! Tighe wanted words of his own, and when a Summer Prince says “bring me a boyfriend!” you don’t disobey! In all seriousness though, I started here because it seemed like the best place to start. There are many, many tales from the Eight Kingdoms I’d love to share, and Undone was easiest to begin with as it slides in neatly to the main series’ timeline.


Faelan is a gancanagh, tell us more about these and where you got your ideas?

There’s not much known about the gancanagh, even in the traditional Irish stories and legends where I get a lot of my inspiration. I think if you check Wikipedia there’s just about a paragraph, but not more! According to my research, gancanagh comes from gean-cánach, which means “love-talker”. They’re exclusively male, and famous for seducing human women, as well as for the aphrodisiac dust that their skin secretes. Like most sidhe, they don’t really care that they’re causing trouble for their human victims – the gancanagh are only interested in finding true love. Not the easiest task, when just being near one is enough to make a mortal infatuated! It was the thought of how boring that must become after a while that gave birth to Faelan – a gancanagh who stays in immortal Summer because he’s tired of chasing mortals around.


How did you get into writing MM romance?BelindaBurke_Undone_BlogTour_BlogDates_final

It wasn’t up to me! Everything I write ends up with a thread of romance, some more, some less – and my characters show up in my head as complete beings, over whom I have little influence. So when Macsen and Bran showed up and were gay, (followed by Myrddin and Kas, and Tighe and Faelan) I shrugged and started writing. They wanted men, and who was I to argue?


What can we expect from you next with Totally Bound?

There’s more of the Eight Kingdoms series, on its way, of course. I’ve just started working on book five, and book four, The Shadow Road, is currently in editing! Deathless, another standalone tale (this one starring Myrddin and Kas), is right there with it. I’m also hard at work on a new urban fantasy project, Holy, set in near-future Boston, forty years after magic returns to the world with a very large bang.


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