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Totally Bound puts Billi Jean in the Author Spotlight about her new release, Claiming a Demon’s Heart, book seven in the Sisterhood of Jade series. 



Can we assume that this new addition to the Sisterhood of Jade series includes a demon love story?

Yes, absolutely. Agni, a Fire Demon, and a guy that’s shown up in almost all the stories so far, is finally getting his story. He and Bethany are the couple in this book and their love story is full of missed chances and mistakes, but in the end I think they kick some butt. 🙂 Not each others, by the way!


Where did the idea for Claiming a Demon’s Heart come from?

Agni’s story began with Midnight Star, and on into Silver’s Chance. He is such a tough guy, but a bit of a smart mouth, too. He has a heart of gold though, which I hope my readers will like. He needed to find his one, and not have it fall into place quiet so easily, though. I hope that makes sense. 🙂 But in the end, his perfect match is someone I feel fits him, and is more than able to stand beside him (which, if you don’t know, is a requirement!).


How did you get into writing paranormal romance?

I’ve always loved fantasy books, so Lord of the Rings, Narnia, the Dragon Riders, and the Wheel of Time books were always in my hands as a teen. I got into writing when I found some of the stories not going the way I wanted. I started penning my own worlds then, and loved it. I went on to grow up, have a son, become responsible for him and become a teacher. It wasn’t until my daughter wa

s born that I took the pen, or this time the computer, up again and wrote a 700 page story. Whew. After that, I wrangled my stories down to a more reasonable amount of words, and thus, my paranormal world was born.



Does a lot of research have to go into paranormal writing?

I do research, but for me it’s a way to find a kernel and grow a story, not use the plant and scaffold a house on the branches. I really love myths, history and learning about other cultures, but I think the more I learn, the more I realize that we know even less than we thought….does that make sense? In other words, who’s to say your vampires can’t sparkle? Or walk in the sun, or eat garlic? Or that your Fairies are spelled Fae, or Fay, or Faye? So, while I love reading and researching, I use it as a base, and let my own world and ideas flow out of that. Maybe that’s what story writers have done for ages. 🙂


You use a variety of immortal characters in your Sisterhood of Jade series, is characterising them one of your favourite parts about writing this series?

I do love to create characters. I think people are interesting. They have lives, and live those lives while we live ours. While we go to work, day in and day out things happen to them, and until we hear from them again, we don’t even know they’ve won the lotto, or been bitten by a Vampire, or moved to Scotland to start a new Coven. So, yeah, I love, love, love people, and my characters, because they are all living their lives, and some of them are doing amazing things. That’s why I love to create more people in my worlds, so they can have their stories told, too.


What can we expect from you next in this series?

Well, funny you should ask…as I write this blog, I am actually celebrating handing in the next book in this series. Trouble, Sorcha’s sister, and Tab’s aunt, gets her story. She’s been fun to write, and her guy, Jack has made their story easy, and somewhat painless, for me at least. I really did enjoy them, and I hope my readers will as well.


BilliJean_ClaimingADemonsHeart_Blog Tour_Blogdates_finalCan we expect any standalone books from you in the future?

Ah, well, I have several, but they are on my desk top. And while I would love to work on them, I also remember waiting and waiting for my next book in the series I loved to come out… I hope that there are readers like that out there that can’t wait for my next book, so I really have to get on those before I hit my standalones… Plus, my mind just works in big circles. Circles that include more and more characters, and thus, more books in a new series…. 😉 So, for now, I think the Jade series, and the Love’s Command series will keep me very, very busy. But who knows? Perhaps one of those other manuscripts will draw me in and then I’m a done for!


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