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Totally Bound puts CA Szarek in the Author Spotlight this week about her new release, Collision Control, book four in the Crossing Forces series.


What do you like about writing romantic suspense novels?

Oh, so much it’s hard to narrow it down. I guess what I like best is the fact they’re working a criminal case, but they can’t help but have feelings for each other. I try to keep them real as people and their “world” realistic. I like finding the balance.


Where did the idea for Collision Control come from?

Hmmm, I’m not sure specifically. I met Jared in the first book, Collision Force and I knew from the start he would have his own book. As the series develops in the 2rd (Chance Collision) and 3rd book (Calculated Collision), I guess in an odd way, I got a feel for Jared’s story before I started it. I knew his book wouldn’t center around Human Trafficking, like the first three. I knew he would start the next trilogy within the series with a different crime.


How do you go about choosing your characters? Why have you chosen a Kindergarten teacher for this newest release?

I don’t choose them. They choose me. I am just the navigator. Usually they “introduce” themselves to me. Once I know their name, it usually sticks. When I start writing they start to unfold on the page. I learn dislikes, likes, job, age, even what they look like mostly organically. I’m a pantser (meaning I don’t plan my stories out before I write) so I usually discover who they are as I go along.

Mel is a teacher ‘cause she told me so. LOL. But it worked out well, because she’s the teacher of Ethan, who’s a little boy in the first book, and the son of the hero and heroine from that book. So they got to be on the page, too. A nice check-in for readers that liked them. 

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What else can we expect from the Crossing Forces series?

There will be 8 (or 9) books total. I know WHO they are about (for the most part) even if I don’t know all the details of WHAT they’re about. (But I rarely do.)

I know who’s next, book 5, but it’s a secret for now. Stay tuned! *wink* 


You’ve called Jared an “obvious playboy”, is this the kind of character you always find yourself falling for when you are reading romances?

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Yes. I have a badboy problem. I love them alpha and naughty. LOL.


Does research (bearing in mind it is set in the FBI) play a large role in shaping your novels?

Yes. I have a background in criminal justice and tons of cop friends. I work for a two city courts and it’s sure handy to have police officers and detectives to call and/or email. But my best contact is a friend of mine who is a judge now, but she was an FBI agent in New York City, working on a Narcotics Task Force for a few years, and she has helped me so much. She’s really invaluable.


Have you got any other books planned outside of the Crossing Forces series?

As I had mentioned, there are more. I don’t plan, but they’re in the works.


Find out what else C A has to say by following her blog tour! 

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