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bearclaw_800Totally Bound puts Crissy Smith in the Author Spotlight this week about her new release, Bear Claw

Where did the idea for Bear Claw come from?

Bear Claw has been outlined for a pretty good while. When I decided that the Were Chronicles series would be ending at book fifteen I wanted to write a longer word count series but had to ensure that the readers still got their shifter fix. Okay, I wasn’t completely ready to cut all ties from the wolves. With the new Shifter Chronicles books I was able to create a new organization, the Shifter Coalition. The first four books were plotted out easily as I worked off my current stories from the Were Chronicles.

From the beginning I knew that Jamie would be a fun character to write. I did have a little trouble picking out his perfect mate. A manager for a library that secretly wrote erotic romance books came from a lunch with my dad across the street from our local library. I thought that was a fun addition. With Bear Claw being book two in the series I was able to show Jamie as the fun and crazy biker during the first book while revealing some of his insecurities during this novel. One difference between this series and the Were Chronicles is that we remain with the characters. Instead of moving onto a new Pack which each book we get to see our main characters throughout each book and follow the relationships. 


What books do you enjoy reading?

 I love to read. I average between two or three books a week. My all time favorites are the In Death series from J.D. Robb, Dark series from Christine Feehan, and of course Stephanie Plum from Janet Evanovich.

But of course I am a huge independent author or small publishing company fan. With the city that I live in not having a bookstore I rely on the internet to get my fix.

Paranormal is my preferred genre. Both MF and MM books as long as there are shifters, vampires, or other paranormal elements. Also anything with a good mystery or suspense I will dive into. I like to try to figure out who ‘did it.’ Just as long as there are strong characters and a good plot I’m happy. Add in some sexual tension that does get resolved and I’m a happy girl.


How did you get into writing paranormal romance?

 I started writing what I liked to read. My very first published book was on 2008 with Totally Bound as part of their Halloween Collection. After writing that short story with werewolves and vampires I knew that was what I wanted to do.

Writing was always an option for me. I grew up with ‘original’ bed time stories. As an aspiring author my dad wrote his stories and would read them to me. I can still remember my favorite from way back then. After leaving a career I hated after ten years, I wanted to try my hand at writing while I searched for what I really wanted to do. Now I have the best of both worlds. I’ve been at my day job for almost seven years now and on the weekends get to create exciting new worlds.


Do you enjoy creating the fictional settings for your stories?

 I love world building for my stories. Anything is possible when faced with a blank sheet knowing I can make up anything I want. I try to put myself in my characters shoes. Where are they and how did they get there? That question starts the ball rolling.

The very best part of writing paranormal is the fact that I can create a setting that anything can happen. Shifters can walk freely. Vampires have their own clubs. Anything you imagine is possible. That excites me.

When I started outlining the Shifter Chronicles I based Lake Worth (the location for Bear Claw) from a place that I spent my entire summer between my junior and senior year in high school. It was fun returning and adding my own unique twist making it mine.


Have you got a favourite character in this series?

Bear Claw_Crissy Smith_Blog Tour_mobile_final

I have enjoyed all the characters of this series so far. I love Aubrey’s fierceness in the first book, Birds of Prey. While Jamie in Bear Claw was so fun to write. Jamie being a big bad biker on the outside and a teddy bear on the inside made writing his scenes awesome. I’d have to say that right now Jamie is my favorite because of this. He’s funny and sweet but dangerous and deadly. I will say that I am excited to be writing Zak’s story as he is a very complex character. Jamie’s appearance in Zak’s book adds some comedy to Zak’s serious personality. 


If you were a shifter, what would you be?

 I hate to say it but I am a total wolf shifter wannabe. If there was a way to become one I would sign up in a heartbeat.

I love my felines and birds. The bears, coyotes, and other species are fun but it has always been about the wolves for me. Pack dynamics have kept me glued to my computer both in researching and writing. I of course see myself as an Alpha type although I believe that is more in line with my fantasy of being a shifter at all. A woman can dream.


Bear Claw_Crissy Smith_Blog Tour_Blog dates_final

What can readers expect from you next with Totally Bound?

There is plenty more of the Shifter Chronicles coming your way. Book three releases in February 2015 but there is still another release in 2014.

Pack Beta: Were Chronicles book eleven is set to release in November and I am thrilled to share that there are some shocking twists to the series coming. In Pack Beta we return to Canyon Texas and a Pack still living in secret. While Max and Cassie from Pack Security are doing well, Max’s brother Chase has found himself protecting them from an unknown threat. A shooting in the canyon, an attempted kidnapping, and an organization that no one’s ever heard of has Chase struggling to protect those he loves.


 Find out what else Crissy has to say by following her blog tour! 

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