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Totally Bound speaks exclusively to Kate Deveaux about her new release, A Vixen in Venice, the newest addition to the Totally Five Star series.


What can we expect from A Vixen in Venice? 

A sizzling romance entwined in an intriguing art caper, with a hero who is as alluring as he is illusive, and a ‘no holds barred’ heroine.


KateDeveaux_AVixeninVenice_BlogTour_SocialMedia_403_finalThis book is the newest addition to our Totally Five Star imprint. What is it about this imprint that excites you?

I love the idea of books set in a luxury hotel chain, all around the world, in the most glamorous cities. It’s what first captured my imagination, the sensual and decadent hotels where both the guests and the hotel staff get into scandalous situations.


Monique travels over from America to Italy to start her new life as art curator. Do you enjoy exploring the theme of reinvention in your stories? 

I’m a big fan of reinvention stories. It shows the evolution of a character and makes both me, and my readers, cheer for the heroine’s success. Both in and out of the bedroom.


What made you choose Venice as the location for your fictional, Totally Five Star hotel? 

Venice has to be one of my very most favorite cities. The seductive factor of the canals, along with the maze of secretive tunnels underground and hidden alcoves, makes Venice the perfect setting for an illicit affair full of mystery, deception, and tantalizing erotic experiences.


Luc and Monique’s shared interest in art brings them together in this story. Do you like writing male characters who are sexy for their brains as well as their brawn? 

Absolutely. There is nothing sexier than a hunk who is smart. It makes the chemistry so much more electric when the hero and the heroine go toe to toe — intellectually and romantically.KateDeveaux_AVixeninVenice_BlogTour_BlogDates_final


How did you get into writing erotic romance? 

I’ve always written “hot” romance as long as I can remember. Even back in college I’d write short stories that were so steamy I’d be afraid to show anyone. I just love to write stories that never shut the bedroom door in the readers face.


What can we expect from you next with Totally Bound? 

Lots I hope! I am currently working on Bimini Bound, a sexy romp in the Bahamas on board a luxury yacht. What was supposed to be a work retreat turns into much more than that when “employee benefits” takes on a whole new meaning.


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