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Totally Bound puts Natalie Dae in the Author Spotlight this week.

Here is an exclusive interview about her newest release, Master Stephen, book four in the Marshall Cottage Series.



Where did the idea for The Marshall Cottage Series come from?

I thought about how many people might not have somewhere to go to explore their BDSM needs—somewhere that would offer them support as well as allow them to indulge in their desires. I imagined how cool it would be for someone to have felt the same—and the character Master M was born. He’s a man who wanted to run a place where everyone could get together and be free to express themselves, so he used his mini mansion as a venue.


What is it you are exploring in Master Stephen

In all my BDSM tales I tend to focus on trust and acceptance—in the characters embracing who they really are. Master Stephen is no different. As I write, I like to “watch” them come out of their cocoons and fly.


In this latest release, your female character’s role as a sub is challenged as she has to help Stephen to embrace his inner Dom. Did you enjoy exploring different BDSM relationships throughout this series?

Natalie Dae_Master Stephen_Blog Tour_Blog dates_finalOh, yes. Every one of them is different but at the same time they’re alike. They just need to understand themselves and their needs and be happy with how they feel instead of worrying what other people might think.


How did you get into writing erotic romance?

I submitted a horror novel and my then editor suggested that I try erotic romance. I did and here I am!


Do you enjoy writing a series of short stories?

Yes. They took no time at all, and because they’re short I was able to focus on exactly what they were doing instead of expanding as I would in a novel. Hopefully, though, readers will find quite a bit is packed into these little tales so they feel much longer.


What can readers expect in the next book in this series?

Ah, they’ll have to wait and see!


What can readers expect from you next with Totally Bound?

I have several books that will be on their way to Totally Bound, but I need to revise them, expand, and actually finish some of them!


See what else Natalie has to say by following her blog tour! 

Like the sound of Master Stephen? Buy it here:

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