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Totally Bound puts Taige Crenshaw in the author spotlight this week about her new release, Firestorm Encounters, book five in the Phoenix Intelligence Agency series.


firestormencounters_largewebWhat can we expect from Firestorm Encounters?

In Firestorm Encounters Kaitya Erutan, my heroine, is an Amazonian Warrior and Firebird which are two powerful races. Kaitya is a recently made hybrid and she is still trying to balance the two sides of her. Fate or destiny brings a man into her path who will affect her deeply and change her life. She faces some truths about herself. Fyodor, my hero, is the Shadow King and his race of people is in turmoil which make him have many obligations. There is also things he has to overcome because of a betrayal. As a couple they have their own ways of doing things and each  faces truths about themselves. In the end they have to realize what they mean to each other. Their chemistry is intense and volatile. They want each other but can they be what each other needs.


The Phoenix Intelligence Agency series is set in an alternate reality. How do you go about creating a paranormal world?

I love putting my spin on things. The series keeps evolving and growing. When I built the world of the Phoenix Intelligence Agency series,  I created a mythology of the world and built from there. I’ve taken many parts of history, folklore and other interesting tidbits to create the world of the story. I sank into the myths that I was creating.  In the world I added many various things that I find fascinating and put a spin on many of them in some way. The world is revealed brick by brick and layer by layer. 

To make any world I just put my spin on it and make it mine. Put my mark on it to make it work for my series. This is how I build any world I use in my books. It can be a paranormal world or contemporary, fantasy or any sort of world. It’s the pieces that I bring together that makes it unique.


We have seen Fyodor previously in this series. Why did you decide to give him his own book?

He demanded it. As I wrote the other books in the series and he came into them. Fyodor became an integral part of the story. When I create a series, characters come into them and some become part of the fabric of the stories and sometimes they get a story. In this instance that was Fyodor. So he got his story.


TaigeCrenshaw _FirestormEncounters_BlogTour_SocialMedia_finalKaitya and Fyodor are very different characters. A half Amazonian Warrior-half Firebrid and a Shadow King. What made you put together this unlikely couple?

I get that question a lot throughout all my series. 🙂 When a  couple may not seem a fit sometimes there is something there that makes them just click. It goes beyond chemistry to something that also tempts the mind. I don’t set out to make unlikely couples it just happens sometimes. I see something in each character that makes them fit together in my thoughts then I get this zing that it works.  Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m on the right track by putting a certain couple together but then when I write and their story is written word by word it all comes together.

That is the case with Kaitya and Fyodor. As mentioned Fyodor is a character that came up in other stories. When he did I didn’t even know who he would be paired with. Then after thinking I realize that he and Kaitya had something that made me get a zing that I knew they fit.


Why did you choose to set this series in New York?

I just felt it that this series needed to be in New York. As I was walking one day I was thinking on a series idea—which became Phoenix Intelligence Agency—and I was on the same street that the agency is on. I was doing one of my favorite things, people watching and I was making up stories about the people I was seeing. Then it hit me I was thinking of some of them as agents for an agency and many were not human. I stopped right in the middle of the sidewalk and knew I had my setting for my series. 🙂


You have many different genres in your backlist. Which is your favourite?

All of them. I love writing in many different genres equally. Each stimulates my mind in different ways that is why I write them. I also have other genres I haven’t tried yet and plan to. For me writing is about creating, no matter the genre, and I just love being able to take so many adventures. I’m only limited by what I imagine and I have a very vivid and humongous imagination so for me there is no limit right now. 🙂


What can we expect from you next with Totally Bound?

My next Singleton Series book features a candy store owner who is tempted by a sassy woman. He doesn’t want to get involved but is unable to resist her. She knows what she wants and isn’t one to shy away from going after it. They were a fun, adventurous couple to write.

TaigeCrenshaw _FirestormEncounters_BlogTour_BlogDates_final


In closing I’d like to say thanks for reading my feature and if you want to find around the web here are some places to find me.


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