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Totally Bound puts Destiny Moon in the author spotlight this week about her new release, Worth the Wait.


What can we expect from Worth the Wait?

Laughs and steaminess. Monique is a fabulous heroine who seems very put together on the surface, but we get to know the part of her that’s falling apart. We follow along as she fumbles her way through all kinds of embarrassing moments hoping to catch her boss’s eye.

Once they get to know each other better, it becomes clear that there is a great deal of depth to their attraction, hence the super amazing mind-blowing monkey sex. That wouldn’t be possible if they didn’t have a strong emotional connection.

From beginning to end, Monique wrestles with her own desires and fumbles through her romance with Jerome.





Did you enjoy starting this attraction in the office?

Office romances are fun to write because they’re so bad in real life. I have made the mistake of falling for someone at work myself, so I understand the torture that poor Monique feels at the start of the story. It is challenging to be in a situation in which you’re forced to see your crush and even interact with him day in and day out while having only your own conscience to put the breaks on your feelings. So, yes, I enjoyed the setting.




Monique and Jerome are both very successful. Did you enjoy bringing two outstanding characters together?

These two suit each other. Monique is loosely based on a number of highly successful women I know who, in addition to having impressive careers also happen to be gorgeous and highly fashionable. While women like this are often targets of envy, I wanted to write Monique because I know from my friendships that it is not easy to have the kind of life that is picture perfect. Like my friends, Monique suffers in the man department. I think in real life, women like Monique have a hard time finding men who are worthy of their time. Their success paradoxically contributes to the challenge of finding a good man.

I knew from the start that Jerome would have to be incredible in order to deserve Monique. For Monique, it wouldn’t be enough that he was handsome and successful. He also had to have a passion, which is why his role with the local foods movement at the community garden so impresses her. Truly outstanding people really ought not to settle. It’s so much more enjoyable when they find each other.


Is there a certain kind of hero which you love to write?

I love passionate men who are secure enough to be able to fully allow the woman in their lives to blossom. That’s the dream, right? A man who is complete in himself, who knows what he wants and goes after it and who is also able to extend kindness and support to the woman he loves. Jerome is such a man and so is Sebastian in the related novel All I Ever Wanted. Both of them are ideal partners to the heroines because they are not needy, and able to give of themselves.

In writing fictional romance heroes, I find myself longing to see their kindness. Like most readers, I enjoy a man who’s on the alpha side and able to take control, but I dislike jerks. In both novels, the heroes are strong and dominant, but they are also able to let their women shine. I think that’s sexy.



This story is set in Toronto, do you enjoy setting stories in places you know and love?

I do. Toronto is a wonderfully cosmopolitan city with lots of diversity. I wanted a place that would allow for my characters to be extraordinarily ambitious in their careers, creative in their food consumption, and able to impact the world around them. Jerome, for example, works as an executive by day and at a community garden that trains inner city youth in food production on the weekends. That’s Toronto for you.



How did you get into writing erotic romance?

For years, I have enjoyed reading the genre. In terms of writing, I was hooked from my first novel. I have always been fascinated by peoples’ sex lives and at one point I sold sex toys, in part to delve further into the mysteries of other peoples’ attractions for each other. I think DestinyMoon_WorthTheWait_BlogTour_BlogDates_403_finalour erotic lives say a great deal about us and I find this element of character development truly compelling. Sometimes when I read about fictional relationships in which there is no mention of how the characters have sex, I find myself wanting to see into the bedroom. I’m a voyeuristic reader. I think that’s why when I write, I want to follow the characters into their most intimate moments.


What can we expect from you next with Totally Bound?

Next up are a few short stories that delve into more kinky relationships. A Tale of Two Hotties is a polyamorous story about a woman who has two partners, one dominant, one submissive. She wants to blend her two worlds together for the ultimate experience, but naturally she is afraid of upsetting the dynamic of her open relationship.


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