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Totally Bound speaks exclusively to MK Schiller about her new release, The Other P-Word, book three in her bestselling In Other Words series.


What can we expect from The Other P-Word?

You can expect to catch up with the case of quirky characters from the first two books as well as meet a few new ones. You can expect a strong heroine and hot as hell hero. Definitely a healthy dose of sexy times. And of course a few laugh out loud moments, tender moments and emotional baggage that comes with having complicated characters. C’mon, we’re talking about one crazy case of characters and Billie’s story is no different.


MKSchiller_TheOtherPWord_BlogTour_SocialMedia_403_finalThere is a family connection between your heroines in this series. Are you enjoying revisiting your characters?

Yes, I love these girls and the men they fall for. I have to admit I miss them. Stevie’s sarcastic wit, Marley’s stubbornness, Adam’s funny one-liners, Dillon’s quirkiness, and Emmie’s courageous voice are just a few things I was happy to revisit in writing The Other P-Word. It’s like coming home to your own family in a way. You’re always welcome to pull up a chair and dish!


Billie is a self-assured woman who is on the path to success. Was it important for you to explore how life without love isn’t enough?

This is a great question and a basis for the story. Billie, although an aspiring romance writer, separated fiction from fact. She never thought heroes existed in the real-word. That is until she met the one man who could spark her passion like a lit match tossed into a keg of kerosene. The transition was gradual but there was a strong chemistry from the start. Billie and Evan were really fun to write and I hope the readers enjoy them as much as I do.



Evan is a typical bad boy, is this the kind of hero which you love to write?

Evan is my first bad boy. I suppose if I was writing a historical as Billie is doing (she is a romance writer herself!), he’d be called a rake. But like all my heroes, he has a heart of gold and a deep compassion for people. I love fallible characters, but they have to have redeeming qualities. I like to blur that line between selfish and selfless, trouble and troubled, heartache and heartfelt.


How did you get into writing romance?

I had this friend who loved this boy when I was young. She’d get so heartbroken and jealous about it (hey, we were like thirteen I think). I started making up stories where she was the heroine and he was the hero…they always found their happily ever after. You’ve heard of fan fiction? This was friend fiction and it’s where I got my start.

What can we expect from you next with Totally Bound?

I’ve left the door a little open on this book. I’d like to continue with the series with Derek’s story…after all don’t we need ‘The Other D-word?”


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