Ashe Barker’s peer review for Life Under New Management

Jane Davitt has released the newest addition to the Totally Five Star imprint. Life Under New Management is a powerful story of control and deep connections. Ashe Barker has previously […]

Author Spotlight with Cassandra Hawke

Totally Bound puts Cassandra Hawke in the author spotlight this week about her new release, Blood Ties a Broken Heart.   What can we expect from Blood Ties […]

Isabelle Drake’s Peer Review for Breathe You In

Lily Harlem has released the newest addition to the What’s her Secret? imprint. Breathe You In is a delicate yet powerful story of love and loss. Isabelle Drake has previously […]

Press Release: Totally Entwined signs three book deal with Jess Wright for Celebritease™ imprint

TOTALLY ENTWINED SIGNS THREE BOOK FICTION DEAL WITH JESS WRIGHT  Totally Entwined Group is excited to announce that they will be releasing Jess Wright’s first foray […]