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I got the chance to catch up with Sierra Cartwright and chat about her new release Crave. This is the first in a new series called Bonds which we have all been eagerly awaiting since the end of the Mastered series.Sierra Cartwright

Sierra has been very honest in her answers and would love to hear from her readers.

What can you tell us about Crave?

Where shall I begin? With the funny interchanges between four absolutely delicious men? The hot, hot sex scenes? The emotion as a couple works so hard to rebuild trust even as they push their relationship into a whole new dimension? Or maybe with the bond of love that has kept Reece and Sarah bound together over the years…?
In Crave, you’ll find all the things you expect from one of my novels. Light-hearted humour, sensual scenes that are grounded in trust and emotional exploration, a relationship where you can root for the characters, a heroine who is very human, like I am, flawed, imperfect, but strong. And you’ll find a hero to love, a man who is filled with integrity and determination.

What was your inspiration for this new series, Bonds?

After I finished “In The Den” for Totally Bound, I couldn’t stop thinking about the power of a collaring ceremony. Book one of the Mastered series, With This Collar, had started with a scene where the heroine’s friend is getting married to a Dom. And by the time I finished the series, I was still intrigued by the idea of collaring.
To some of my characters, a collar is every bit as important as a wedding ring. And while my strong heroines might initially chafe at the idea, the hero woos her and wins her.
But what if he wasn’t successful? What if she wasn’t willing to take that next step? That is the question that intrigued me.
And then…what if the heroine runs away, but then changes her mind later? How would she get him back?
It seemed to me they’d need a mutual friend to meddle in their affairs. The idea for Julien Bonds began to take shape. He’s a larger-than-life man, eccentric, rich, an irresistible combination of dashing good looks and shrewd intellect.
The relationship between my honey and his college “buddies” inspired the rest of series. Four men, bound together by the Night of Infamy, forged an unbreakable bond.

Do you hope that readers can relate to Sarah’s character and her fear of commitment at the start of the novel?
From the beginning, Sarah fascinated me. I think, honestly, she’s a bit autobiographical. I’m not scared of commitment (ha!), and I was totally excited to receive a wedding proposal. But after being single for thirteen years, I have a strange reluctance to give up some of my freedoms, even though he’s a terrific, wonderful caring man. So it was probably natural that Sarah would experience some of the same apprehensions. I hope readers find her accessible and real, because the emotions she’s going through are some I’ve experienced. Commitment is a double-edge sword, isn’t it? We gain so much, but there are trade-offs and sacrifices along the way.  I think all of us can related to the human emotionscrave_800 she goes through.

Reece is a very strong character but clearly has a weakness for Sarah, did you want to show male vulnerabilities in this story as well as female ones?

Oh, Reece… I love him so much. He’s everything I want in a man. Strong, committed, demanding, confident and absolutely vulnerable to/for only one woman. It wasn’t until I met my future husband that I found all these traits in a man, and I what I discovered is that they’re confounding, annoying, irritating, as well as wonderful.
Reece has a definite weakness for Sarah, and he’s had that problem from the moment she walked into his office. A man with a laser-like focus on one woman is a fantasy of mine. Again, now that I’ve got it, I know that’s comes with its own set of issues. But the challenges are oh-so delicious for an independent woman.

What can readers expect from the rest of the series?

You can expect that I’ll continue to push the bounds with strong, capable heroines, honourable men determined to claim them, funny moments, sizzling sex, and scenes with Julien Bonds. You’ll be invited into a world of tight relationships, shared memories, intriguing and emotionally real conflict found in characters who are as complex as you are. Please reach out to me and let me know what you think…

You can purchase Crave here!