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Please help us to help!

Author and editor, S.A. Meade/Sue Meadows’ husband, Peter, was diagnosed with stage IV oesophageal cancer in September 2013.

Peter has undergone chemotherapy, and while that has helped in many ways, it hasn’t stopped the cancer spreading to his liver and lungs. Although a second round of chemotherapy could prolong Peter’s life for another couple of months, it would mean those months would be spent feeling tired and worn out. Peter has chosen not to go through with the second round, preferring to spend what time he has left enjoying a reasonable quality of life.

As a writing community, we are known for our compassion and our support of fellow authors. Even if you can only afford £1/$1, every single penny counts. Please. Please dig as deep as you can so that we can alleviate some of the worry and suffering.

To donate please click here.

Thank you so much in advance.