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Pride Publishing launches today!
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publishersweeklyPublisher’s Weekly have put together a feature that focuses on how GLBTQI romance novels are reaching readers on an ever-broadening spectrum.


PRIDE_transparent (3)Publisher’s Weekly have spoken to Totally Entwined Group about the launch of Pride Publishing on 7th July 2015. Specifically in reference to launching a fiction publisher that specialises in GLBTQI fiction, with many of the scheduled titles being romance focused. We spoke to Publisher’s Weekly about what we hope this new publishing house will mean for romance literature in the GLBTQI community.

Digital-first publisher Totally Bound, which has been publishing erotic romance fiction since 2007, is spinning off its LGBTQ titles into a new division. Pride Publishing, which launches July 7, will focus on LGBTQ fiction, with much of its list projected to include romance titles.

Currently, about half of the 150-plus romance titles Totally Bound publishes each year feature LGBTQ characters.

Read more about the future of Pride Publishing here.

The piece named Finding Love in All the Right Places, gives an insight into what they call, “the shift [which] is taking place in publishing” and how “books featuring LGBTQ characters are earning recognition in the traditional romance world”. Read more of the article here.