The Bookseller announces launch of First For Romance store

Today we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary with 25% off all eBooks across our imprints, Totally Bound Publishing, Pride Publishing and Finch Books.

We have had a fantastic 10 years in the publishing industry so far and are extremely proud of everything we have accomplished and would like everyone to join in our celebrations!

Over the past ten years we have grown to now having close to 400 authors internationally working with us across our three imprints and are continually striving to develop and be the best we can be.

We have loved every minute of the past 10 years and look forward to many more! Here are some messages from some of our authors about their time working with TEG (Totally Entwined Group)!

Sierra Cartwright
“Totally Entwined is Totally Exceptional! My experience with TEG, from covers, to marketing, to editorial support has been fantastic.
TEG is my publisher of choice.
I’m 100% Totally Satisfied with my Totally Bound publishing experience!
Working with Totally Entwined Group has been a five-star experience!
TEG is the most innovative publisher I’ve ever seen.
I’m honored to be part of the TEG publishing family.”

Desiree Holt
“I released my first title – Crude Oil, with Totally Bound (at that time Total-e-Bound) in 2008 and it’s been a fantastic ride since then. I cannot say enough about Claire, Nicki, my editors, the staff, and all the ways they helped me shape and mold my career. I learned so much and the prizes continues. And of course there is the warm, encouraging atmosphere and the care they take with all the authors. I am looking forward to ten more years here.”

Angel Payne
“Working with TEG is like entering a world-class race and knowing you have an outstanding pit crew readying your machine. They really listen to a writer’s vision, beyond just the words on your pages, and help craft the book into something to catch readers’ eyes. The marketing team is not just tactical but logistical, feeding you information as well as action, and creating a community ‘behind the scenes’ to truly support their writers.”

Morticia Knight
“For me, one of the best aspects of working with Totally Entwined has been the open and timely communication. I’ve never felt as if I couldn’t approach any department regarding any subject, or was worried that my concerns wouldn’t be taken seriously. When I have had questions, they have been thoroughly addressed and my opinions and needs have been acknowledged and handled. That is the primary reason I continue to publish with Totally Entwined.
I also love the editorial team and have had the same wonderful content editor for almost five years. My author voice has always been respected, but I’ve also learned so much from her and the rest of the team that I feel stronger as a writer.”

LM Somerton
“It’s not just an author that makes a great story, it’s a team effort between the writer and editing team. Pride Publishing editors do not skirt writing issues. They are velociraptors when it comes to chewing up grammatical errors and wield the highlighter tool with eagle-eyed accuracy. I have been thoroughly educated in the ways of zombie sentences, independent body parts and mind hopping – and I hope I’m a better writer for it. Suggestions for change are just that – suggestions – made with insight and humour. The team make what could be a chore into a satisfying process because I know the end result is going to be a much better product for my readers.”

Natalie Dae
“What I like about Totally Entwined is not only the fabulous service given to me an as author, but the sense that everyone involved in the publishing process cares about not only my books, but me as a person. They have been super accommodating in the past and I have no doubt they will continue to be so in the future. It’s like they’re the cherry AND the cream on top of my writing journey cake. The best bits of the whole dessert!”

Catherine Curzon
“It’s a real joy to work with the friendly and dedicated team at Pride, and to be part of a wonderful family of authors. I’ve been offered opportunities I never thought I’d see, and look forward to what the next 10 years might bring!”

Kait Gamble
“Congratulations on ten years of amazing stories! Here’s to many more!”

Angel Martinez
“The Pride Publishing (then TEB) staff made me feel welcome the moment I stepped through the publisher’s virtual doors. Their editing process is top-notch and I’ve always been pleased with the professionals handling my work—editors who not only tell me when something isn’t working but who are also always there with solid suggestions and an open willingness to work together to problem solve. Thank you for all you do!”

Bellora Quinn
“I will forever be grateful that my first experience working with an editor was with the Totally Entwined Group. I was so afraid that I would have my book torn apart, that it would be just one long critique, that I wouldn’t know what to do when I got my edits back. Instead, my edited manuscript came back with concise suggestions, easy to understand directives, and a friendly ‘we’re a team now’ vibe. After five books published with TEG I can confidently say that every single editing experience has taught me valuable lessons. I am a better writer today because of my editors. Thank you for being professional, thorough, and absolutely amazing people.”

Pamela L Todd
“As an author with no publishing experience, the challenge of submitting your work can be daunting. When you write a book and feel it’s ready for consideration by a publisher, you think getting the book accepted is the hard part. You potentially face countless form rejections. But what no one tells you is the scary part comes once your book has been picked up.
Once the initial excitement settles down, reality swiftly descends and fills your head with a butt load of worries. What if they don’t get me? What if they want to change my voice? What if I lose all control? What if my editor is super scary and thinks I’m the thickest person they have ever met?
This was me, in 2011.
And here I am in 2017, awaiting my eighth release.
Finding the perfect place for your book is an incredibly hard process. But building a lasting professional relationship makes it all worth it. I found my publishing home with the Totally Entwined Group and I honestly don’t know where I would be without them. My first editor had her work cut out with me as a fresh-faced—okay, slightly haggard—newbie. Suddenly terms like track changes and the dreaded rep highlight had me sweating bullets. What was I thinking? I couldn’t do this! I told stories, I didn’t know how to polish them up to make them worthy of a reader paying actual money to own them!
My editor talked me off the metaphorical ledge and told me we were in this together. She was there for any and all concerns, and no question was too big or too small. She didn’t expect me to know everything, because how could I? I had never done anything like this before. We were a team, and I felt that she had my back. She understood me and my work, and for an author, there is no greater weapon in your arsenal than a top-notch editor.
As cheesy as it sounds, TEG is a family. A massive one that tells really rude stories, but a family nonetheless.
I have grown as an author with TEG. I’m constantly learning, adapting and transforming into a new, better, writer. Because that’s what a good publisher does—pushes you to be greater, to keep writing, to keep aiming higher. That is exactly what the Totally Entwined Group does, and continues to do, every single day.”

Sydney Presley
“Pride Publishing has been my go-to house to submit to ever since they gave me my first contract. I know I’ll get thorough edits, great cover art, and any queries I have are answered promptly and informatively. I have never felt, at any time, alone or adrift throughout the publishing process. Basically, I feel they have my back, and if I’m happy, they’re happy. The team are all amazing, dedicated people—people I’m honored to deal with.
What I appreciate the most during the editing process is that very last read by an editor. That’s where the small things are caught, and I can’t express how relieved I am when they are brought to my attention. I’d rather deal with them before the book is published and a reader spots them. Knowing the final read has given me a chance to fix any outstanding bloopers is a weight off my mind, it really is.”

Sarah Masters
“Pride Publishing is the place I want my stories to be. I trust them one hundred percent to make my books better than they were when I submitted them. The eagle eyes of all the editors put my mind at rest that as much as humanly possible, the end product is something I can be super proud of. I’m one of those people who don’t trust easily, but I trust the Totally Entwined Group with my work—which is why I no longer publish with anyone else!”

Maggie Nash

“It is such a privilege to be part of the Totally Bound family.  When I first joined them in 2008 I was blown away by the communication , the professionalism and attention to detail , but more than that – every one in the company from the top down cares about the authors and the stories, and we all feel like family.  Congratulations on 10 years! May you have many more successful decades!”