About Us and Our Business

We were established back in 2006 and we’ve been busy producing and supplying the very best romance fiction in the market ever since.

Our flagship publishing house, Totally Bound Publishing, has been offering romantic and erotic romance books from the beginning. With an author base of more than three hundred and fifty talented authors and a loyal reader base around the world, we release up to eight brand-new and totally irresistible books each week, and we're growing at a fantastic pace.

We are known for innovation, passion, publishing excellence and quality and offer the best stimulation for the imagination.


“We believe that happy authors are productive authors, so we’ve put a lot of time and thought into crafting processes that are conducive to author confidence and creativity.”

Claire Siemaszkiewicz CEO

The team at Totally Entwined provide a unique service to our authors and readers. We are a royalty paying, full-service Publisher. This means that there are no fees to the author to become published with us.

Brought together by a mutual love of outstanding romance fiction, we offer a mass of business experience in the form of editors, artists, marketeers, IT technicians, international rights and support staff to meet all your needs. We love what we do and are totally dedicated and committed to providing the best service that we can to our authors and our readers.


Our business was founded by Claire Siemaszkiewicz, a business entrepreneur and erotic romance fiction fan who understood first-hand just how life-enhancing a daily serving of steamy stories about passion, power and relationships could be.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with husband Marek, she set about building our flagship publishing imprint, Totally Bound Publishing and created the publishing powerhouse we are today.

“We are one of the biggest digital publisher of romance fiction. We seek out the most talented authors in the industry to stay ahead of the market.”

Claire Siemaszkiewicz CEO

What We Do

As a top publisher of erotic romance fiction and expanding into further genres with the birth of two new imprints, our philosophy is simple. We want to provide our readers with an ‘A List’ experience that lets them lose themselves in gorgeous stories that offer stimulation for the imagination. Our mission is to bring fabulous fiction to the widest possible audience. We lead where others follow in the ever-changing digital publishing market and we’re dedicated to developing the profile of our authors and our industry as a whole.

Our aim is to set the platinum standard for authors in the Erotic Romance genre. We want you to have a totally A-list experience, irrespective of where you are in the publishing process. From submission, through editing, to the all important receipt of royalties, we go the extra mile to create an environment where you feel comfortable, valued and totally engage.


“Nothing should stand in the way of a reader’s enjoyment. That’s why we seek out the most talented authors in the industry and put a firm emphasis on first-class writing and editing.”

Nicki Richards Publisher

For authors: We have created a dynamic environment with a new approach, which encourages new as well as seasoned authors to make the best of a strong marketing and promotional platform that's effective.

For readers: We offer a welcoming environment for escapism, bringing some of the best fiction in the marketplace to our readers, at great prices. Customer support is essential, and we ensure that we are always available for our customers when they need us.

Quality counts

Nothing should stand in the way of a reader’s enjoyment. That’s why we seek out the most talented authors in the industry and put a firm emphasis on first-class writing and editing. We’ve also created a set of beautiful on-line book stores to deliver a consumer shopping experience that is simple, professional and enjoyable in equal measure.

Indulge your passion

We aim to offer something for everyone, so our stories span a whole range of genres and subject matter. They do, however, share a few critical ingredients. A strong storyline is a must have. We insist on compelling characterisations and relationships that unfold to draw our readers deep into the imaginary world of romance fiction.

"Nothing should stand in the way of a reader's enjoyment."

Claire Siemaszkiewicz, CEO


"Brought together by a mutual love of outstanding romance fiction, we offer a mass of business experience in the form of editors, artists, marketeers, IT technicians, international rights and support staff to meet all of your needs.”

Claire Siemaszkiewicz, CEO

A big hello from us

Meet the team that are hands-on supporting our customers and our authors. Each and every person who works for Totally Entwined Group shares a real passion and commitment to take fabulous fiction to the widest possible audience.


Claire is the entrepreneurial powerhouse behind the Totally Entwined Group. As well as directing the business and leading our team, Claire is always on hand to give our authors guidance.

Marek is co-founder of the Totally Entwined Group and leader of all things technical (more or less everything in an innovative digital business like ours) assisting the development of business and ensuring all staff have what they need to work efficiently.


Nicki is queen of our publishing process, here to expedite the transformation of your manuscript into a totally polished end product. As director to our editors, Nicki is all-seeing and all-knowing.

Emmy is our Head of Cover Art. She spends her time happily working away in her art cave, where she creates covers that give visual life to the wonderful stories inside the books. Her favourite genres to craft are Sci-Fi and paranormal, but every cover is special to her and she strives to make authors smile when they receive their covers.

Heidi takes care of managing the marketing & PR team along with working on author brand communications, developing strong customer relationships, handling media and publicity, as well as taking care of organising annual events. The job is very fast paced and Heidi is always juggling lots of tasks.

Rebecca is the publisher’s second-in-command. She is super organised and very knowledgeable. She manages the team of editors and makes sure that our books are all edited and the best they can possibly be for our readers in time for release. She also edits for her own stable of authors.

Paul works on the design and creation of our web sites as well as all promotional material, convention graphics, typesetting, brand protection and much more.

Laura has a keen eye for detail. She assists the Editorial department on a daily basis and is involved in both eBook and print book production. Laura also manages the important process of ensuring that all books are with our distributors and retailers in time for release.

Sue is responsible for ensuring that submissions are paired with the right editor, while working with her own group of authors. Nothing makes her happier than working with authors to ensure their stories are the best that they can be.

Danielle provides administrative support to the team and is responsible for both author care and customer support. She gets involved in many aspects of the publishing process from contracts and accounts to international rights.

Your Editorial & Support Team

When you become a Totally Entwined Group author you’ll be introduced to your dedicated editor and you’re bound to deal with additional members of our team including: Content Editors: Jamie D Rose, Shannon Combs, Ann Leveille, Rebecca Baker, and Haleigh Rucinski. Final Line Editors: Susan Albinson, Lori Heaford, Kristin Mason, Liz Borino, Penny Chapman.

Do you love publishing?

We’re busy growing our business, so we’re creating new opportunities all the time. If you share our love of romance, erotic romance, gay fiction or young adult fiction, and have the dedication to be a pioneer of quality and professionalism in our industry, take a look below to explore any opportunities available at present.

Editing positions available

Experienced, qualified line/content editors should in the first instance send your CV to our Human Resources Department.

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Internships available

We’re always on the look out for the crème de la crème of graduate talent to support our HQ team here at Totally Towers in our UK head office. We’d be particularly interested to hear from people with qualifications in English, Creative Writing, Publishing, Business, Journalism and Marketing. If you are interested, please email your CV with a covering letter to Human Resources.

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Cover Artist positions available

Totally Entwined is seeking talented, creative, professional artists. Requirements include:

  • Expert in creating art via photo manipulation, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, and a variety of other media.
  • Ability to create realistic people or nonhuman beings such as deities in mythology, aliens of various types, shapeshifters and paranormal entities (vampires, elves, etc) with a highly sensual look and feel.
  • Ability to create original and inspired art.
  • Ability to work to strict deadlines.
  • Willingness to work in a team and take direction when necessary. Interested, qualified candidates should email examples/links to Human Resources.
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"We’re busy growing our business, so we’re creating new opportunities all the time."

Claire Siemaszkiewicz, CEO