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The Totally Entwined Group is a royalty paying, full-service Publisher. This means that we do not charge fees to the author at any time.

We pay a royalty rate of 40% of the SRP for eBooks, 30% for audio, and 10% for print, based on our standard four year contract. Our contracts are for electronic, print, subsidiary rights and worldwide territories.


“We only accept electronic communication. So, it’s essential that you send your manuscript to us via e-mail attachment, as either a .doc, .docx or .rtf file.”

Rebecca Scott Publisher

What we are currently looking for:


  • Pride Publishing is actively acquiring empowering, enchanting and endearing storylines that are sure to capture readers’ imaginations from start to finish. We’re looking for stories with lead characters who identify as GLBTQI.
  • 10-100k word count per story.
  • Series and serials will be also be considered.

Please send your full manuscripts to with the subject line Pride Publishing Submission along with a synopsis in the first instance. We look forward to hearing from you.


Men in Uniform

There’s just something so irresistible about a man in uniform. They’re our heroes, whether they’re patrolling hostile territory, or standing at attention on parade. We’re looking for gripping stories about those LGBTQ characters who put their lives on the line to keep us safe, from mean city streets to distant war zones. 10-100,000 words in length. Series and serials welcomed.

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Who can resist a cowboy? There’s no finer sight in the Wild West than a handsome man in a twill shirt and denims sauntering across a dusty corral. And don’t forget those nights at the honky-tonk, where cowboys lean against the bar under the flicker of neon signs, nursing cold beers and exchanging tall tales. We’d love to read your cowboy stories, ones with LGBTQI characters who’ll lasso our hearts and leave us wanting to hit that lonesome trail. Serials and series are welcome. 10-100,000 words in length. Series and serials welcomed.

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From a rainy side street in Paris to a snow-covered park bench in Moscow, spies can be found in the most innocuous of places, whether they’re on the run from an old, familiar enemy, or on the hunt for a killer. We want you to take us into that dangerous world of shadows and secrets, where a stranger on a Berlin tram can be either an ally or enemy, where deadly games are played in smoke-filled backstreet bars and hidden rooms. We’re looking for stories of 10-100,000 words in length. Series and serials are also welcome.

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Who doesn't love a gripping thriller or crime novel? Take us on a roller-coaster ride, where gunmen lurk in rainy alleys and police tape marks the scene of an horrific crime. Whether your LGBTQI protagonist is a dogged, world-weary detective or an innocent caught up in a whirlwind of terrifying events, as long as we're hooked by the story, it doesn't matter. It doesn't have to be romance, just grab us by the collar and keep us turning the pages. 10-100k. Series and serials welcomed.

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Spaced Out

There’s a great big universe out there, and we’d love to read about the brave souls who venture to the stars, whether it’s in a rickety old piece of space junk, or a sleek cruiser. We want to explore with them as when they set foot on Mars, or steer toward a black hole. What we’re looking for is the human experience. How does it feel to be suspended in a starless void? To search for life where there is none? Write about the aliens and the LGBTQI characters who search for them. Romance with or without erotic content is fine.
Word count 10-100k. Series and serials are also welcomed.

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Free Stories Submissions

All Pride Publishing authors who would like to showcase their work and allow our readers to try out their stories can place them with us. We’ll edit the manuscript for you, and our readers can read it for FREE.

Submissions are open

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When submitting, please enter “Free Story Submission” in the email subject line.